Local Station Drops 'Sesame Street,' 'Clifford,' 'Curious George'

Sesame Street - All Characters Cartoon Pic
Courtesy of Sesame Street

LA's KCET-TV unveils new kids and news show plans after it decided to end its programming arrangement with PBS amid a fee dispute.

NEW YORK - KCET-TV in LA will replace such kids programs as Sesame Street, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Curious George with Busytown Mysteries and legendary news show NewsHour with Newsline and the BBC World News.

After previously deciding to drop its long-running PBS affiliation amid a fee dispute, the local station has unveiled news and kids programming plans for its new iteration as an independent station starting Saturday, the LA Times reported Wednesday.

KCET’s kid-friendly weekday lineup will shrink to the 5am-10am slot after previously going until 2pm. It will include the animated Busytown Mysteries, a Canadian show with feline characters, and Peep and the Big Wide World, a cartoon that features a chicken and a duck and teaches kids about nature and science concepts. The Times also reported that A Place of Our Own and Los Niños en Su Casa will remain part of the station's morning programming.

Starting at 10am, the station’s focus will turns to travel, gardening and cooking shows, such as Lidia's Italy, Barbecue University With Steven Raichlen and Art Wolfe's Travel to the Edge, according to the paper.

On the news side, PBS mainstay NewsHour will be replaced by Newsline, which has an Asian focus, at 6 p.m., followed by BBC World News at 6:30pm. KCET's local news show, SoCal Connected, is scheduled to run Saturdays at 6:30pm.

KCET also will change its digital programming lineup Saturday, launching the KCET Kids & Family Channel, with educational programs, and MHz Worldview, which focuses on international programming, according to the Times. It will continue to broadcast Vme, its Spanish-language channel.