Local Women in Tel Aviv Protest Appearance of Louis C.K. During His Comedy Tour

Louis C.K. attends Tribeca TV Festival 2017 - Getty-H 2018
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

A small group gathered on the street with signs protesting against the comedian. One read, "I don't want to see your dick."

During the Israel leg of his stand-up comedy tour, Louis C.K. was met with criticism from the local community over his #MeToo scandal.

In Tel Aviv, a small group of women gathered on the street with signs protesting the appearance of C.K. in their city. One sign read, "I don't want to see your dick." Others were emblazoned with the words, "Don't legitimize sexual violence" and "We believe victims." One social media user tweeted that other signs included the hashtags "Ibelievewomen" and "#metoo."

The conflict unfolded in 2017 after New York Times investigative reporter Jodi Kantor published an exposé including accusations from multiple women that C.K. exposed himself and masturbated in front them. The comedian subsequently addressed his behavior during comedy sets, acknowledging some of his past actions. One month after the scandal, C.K. staged a controversial comeback show at the Comedy Cellar, where he was met with an enthusiastic crowd.

After C.K.'s gig at the Hangar 11 concert hall in Tel Aviv, Israeli comedian Yossi Tarablus reviewed the show for The Times of Israel. He wrote that the C.K.'s appearance was "well-received" and that he performed "two sold out shows" in front of "4000 young, hip urbanites."

"The comedian lost countless fans when his sexual misconduct became public," continued Tarablus. "Saturday night’s show was not for them. Had they chosen to come however, they would have witnessed the same iconic comedian they had cheered before."

Following the tour dates in Israel, C.K. is set to perform in Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia and Hungary. His tour is slated to continue into the new year with multiple U.S. dates. 

Nov. 24, 11:58 p.m. An earlier version of this story misidentified Yossi Tarablus as a reporter from The Times of Israel; he is a stand-up comedian who reviewed C.K.'s show for the newspaper.