Locarno Film Festival’s Industry Days Has Highest Attendance in History of the Event

The event credentialed around 250 buyers this year and a total of 900 industry figures.

LOCARNO, Switzerland – The day after the Locarno Film Festival’s Industry Days event closed, officials said it drew more interest than any previous Industry Days, with more buyers and industry figures credentialed than ever before and already a few sales to show for it.
According to Nadia Dresti, the long-time head of Locarno’s Industry Days, the festival credentialed around 250 buyers this year and a total of 900 industry figures. Those figures compare favorably to around 180 and 750 a year ago, Dresti said Tuesday.
More importantly, Dresti said, attendees said they were pleased with the selection of films available, with positive feedback about the lineup, the selections for the festival’s famous Piazza Grande, the stream of high-profile U.S. and French stars passing through, and the media attention the festival has attracted so far.
“We’re very content because the feedback we’ve received has been very positive,” said Dresti, who on Tuesday, based on her work with Industry Days, was awarded the new women of exception honor from Swiss watchmaker Parmigiani. “We feel like Locarno’s Industry Days is becoming an increasingly important place on the calendar for many industry figures.”
The event is already yielding results. Dresti said that while most deals first broached at an event like Industry Days are finalized days or weeks later, several had already been completed by the time the three day program completed. Among them: Sette opere di misericordia (Seven Acts of Mercy), an Italy-Romania co-production directed by twin brothers Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio was sold to Intra Movies in Rome; rights to Hashoter (Policeman), a drama from Israeli director Nadav Lapid was aquired by White Management in Paris; and Outlook Films in Austria bought rights to The Substance Albert Hofmann’s LSD, from Swiss director Martin Witz.
The festival, which got underway August 3, concludes Saturday.