Locarno finds 'Via'

Mexican drama caps fest with Golden Leopard

ROME -- "Parque Via," a drama from Mexican director Enrique Rivero, won the top prize at the 61st Locarno Film Festival, where threatening weather over much of the 11 days prevented the event from surpassing last year's attendance record.

Organizers said the festival attracted a total of 180,000 visitors, a 3% drop compared with last year's levels, mostly because of a 5% drop in attendance at the festival's picturesque outdoor venue the Piazza Grande, where only four of 11 screenings took place under clear skies.

The festival did report record-breaking business for its industry office, where five of 18 in-competition films signed international distribution deals.

"Parque Via," one of only four non-world premieres in the lineup, has been a success in every festival it has screened; the film previously won two awards in February at the Mexico City Film Festival. It is the first Mexican film to win Locarno's prestigious Golden Leopard Award.

It capped a noteworthy festival for Latin American film, which was the focus of Locarno's Open Doors sidebar.

Locarno's jury prize went to "33 Scenes From Life," a Germany-Poland co-production from Malgoska Szumowska. Denis Cote won the best director prize for "Elle veut le chaos." Tayanc Ayaydin ("The Market -- A Tale of Trade") and Illaria Occhini ("Mar Nero") won the best actor and actress awards, respectively.

A complete list of winners can be found on the next page.

Golden Leopard
"Parque Via" by Enrique Rivero, Mexico

Special Jury Prize
"33 Sceny Z Zycia" (33 Scenes from Life) by Malgoska Szumowska, Germany/Poland

Best director
Denis Côté, "Elle Veut le Chaos," Canada

Leopard for best actress
Ilaria Occhini, "Mar Nero" by Federico Bondi, Italy/Romania/France

Leopard for best actor
Tayanç Ayaydin, "The Market -- A Tale of Trade" by Ben Hopkins, Germany/UK/Turkey/Kazakhstan

C.P. Company Golden Leopard
"La Forteresse" by Fernand Melgar, Switzerland

Ciné Cinéma Special Jury Prize
"Alicia en el Pais" by Esteban Larraín, Chile

Leopard for the best first feature
"Marz" by Händl Klaus, Austria (International Competition)

SRG SSR idée suisse Prize for the International Leopard of Tomorrow Competition
"Dez Elefantes" by Eva Randolph, Brazil

Eastman Kodak Company Prize for the International Leopard of Tomorrow
"Kaupunkilaisia" by Juho Kuosmanen, Finland

Film and video subtitling prize
"Babin" by Isamu Hirabayashi, Japan

IKEA Prize for the Leopards of Tomorrow Competition
"La Delogeuse" by Julien Rouyet, Switzerland

Eastman Kodak Company Prize Prize for the International Leopard of Tomorrow
"Un Dia y Nada" by Lorenz Merz, Switzerland

Action Light Prize for the best Swiss newcomer
"Au Café Romand" by Richard Szotyori, Switzerland

Prize Cinema e Gioventù -- Leopards of Tomorrow
"Babin" by Isamu Hirabayashi, Japan

For the Swiss National Competition
"Au Café Romand" by Richard Szotyori, Switzerland

Youth Jury Prize

First prize
Kirill Serebrennikov for "Yuriev Den" (Yuri’s Day), Germany/Russia

Second prize
Malgoska Szumowska for "33 Sceny Z Zycia" (33 Scenes from Lifes), Poland/Germany

Third prize
Federico Bondi for "Mar Nero," Italy

The environnement is the quality of life prize
Gideon Koppel for "Sleep Furiously," U.K.

The winner of the audience prize
"Son of Rambow" by Garth Jennings, France/Germany/U.K.

Variety Piazza Grande Award
"Back Soon" by Sólveig Anspach, Iceland/France

Netpac Prize
"Daytime Drinking" by Noh Young-Seok, South Korea

"Parque Via" by Enrique Rivero, Mexico

Oecumenical Jury Prize
"Mar Nero" by Frederico Bondi, Italy/Romania/France

"Yuriev Den" (Yuri’s Day) by Kirill Serebrennikov, Germany/Russia

"Sonbahar" (Autum) by Özcan Alper, Turkey/Germany

Critics Week
"Latawce" (Kites) by Beata Dzianowicz, Poland