Locarno shines light on Moretti


ROME -- The Locarno Film Festival's 61st edition will feature a retrospective of Italian auteur Nanni Moretti, organizers said Monday.

Moretti, screenwriter of current Berlin competition title "Caos Calmo" (Quiet Chaos) and owner of five Cannes Palme d'Or nominations, has never had a film screened at Locarno. But this year, the 54-year-old Roman will more than make up for it.

The festival will screen a comprehensive selection of Moretti's feature films, shorts and documentaries, highlighting his prolific career as a director, writer, producer and actor.

Though the festival did not release a full list of titles, it did say that the retrospective will include the major bookends of a directorial career that has so far spanned more than 30 years, featuring the 1976 comedy "Io Sono un Autarchio" (I Am Self Sufficient) and the Silvio Berlusconi-based drama "Il Caimano" (The Caiman), as well as a dozen films chosen by Moretti himself.

Moretti -- who took a break from directing films to direct the 25-year-old Turin Film Festival last year -- will be on hand for the Aug.6-16 Locarno event.