Locarno spotlights interpretation of fairytale

'Gadkii utenok' musical comedy was well-received

LOCARNO, Switzerland -- "Gadkii utenok" (Ugly Duckling), an interpretation of the classic Hans Christian Andersen fable made by Russian director Garri Bardine was the main event in Locarno's Piazza Grande Wednesday.
The 75-minute animated musical comedy -- the first full-length feature from Bardine, who previously won the short film Palm d'Or at Cannes -- was well-received in the mostly full plaza Wednesday.
The day's other events included a morning roundtable with pioneer Swiss director Anain Tanner, who won the Locarno Film Festival's Leopard of Honor career honor the night before.
A total of seven in-competition films also screened, the most intense day of in-competition screening as the festival heads into its home stretch.

The main prize ceremony, which will see the festival's prestigious Golden Leopard awarded for the 63rd time, will take place Saturday in the picturesque Piazza Grande, and unlike past years, no clear favorite for the main prize has emerged.
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