'Locke & Key' Cast on the Challenges of Bringing the Comic Book Story to TV

"It's a little bit like 'Stranger Things' meets 'Harry Potter,' 'Chronicles of Narnia' and 'Lost in Space' all mushed together, but it’s very original in the way that you can't say it's just like one of those shows," Darby Stanchfield explained.

Locke & Key, the horror comic series from Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, took over a decade to bring to the screen, until it finally made its debut on Netflix on Friday.

The horror drama centers on the Locke family who, following the death of their husband/father, move into their ancestral home called Key House, only to find the mysterious manor has magical keys that give them a vast array of powers and abilities.

"If you like fantasy, if you like murder mystery or a family show, it's a little bit like Stranger Things meets Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia and Lost in Space all mushed together, but it's very original in the way that you can't say it’s just like one of those shows," star Darby Stanchfield told The Hollywood Reporter.

Bringing the graphic novels to television didn't come without its challenges, as executive producers Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill explain.

"There are visuals in Joe and Gabe’s comic that are really spectacular, but really hard to translate to the screen, like the head key," Cuse said.

"In the comic, you literally split a person’s head open. You can look inside and see this sort of clockwork of what's going on. Meredith and I had to come up with a sort of metaphorical way to do that. For each of the characters, we had to invent a magical world in their head that would personify who they are."

Averill explains that while the series is full of mystery and suspense, they worked to find the balance between the magical world and the real emotions of the characters, following the traumatic death of their father.

"We always intended for the show, at its heart, to be this family drama. The keys allow them to learn more about their father, opening up this mystery as to what happened 25 years ago," Averill said.

Locke & Key is now streaming on Netflix.

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