Logan Paul Pledges to Donate $1M to Suicide Prevention

Logan Paul Suicide Prevention Video - Screenshot - H 2018

The YouTube star had temporarily suspended his vlog following a backlash to a video that showed a suicide victim.

YouTube star Logan Paul has released a new video "to further understand the complexities of suicide" in the wake of widespread criticism over an early January post that showed the image of a suicide victim in Japan's Aokigahara Forest. 

The new video, which begins with statistics about suicide displayed over aerial shots of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, features Paul sitting down in conversation with suicide attempt survivors and mental health experts in an effort to "be a part of the solution." Paul then travels to New York City to sit down with National Suicide Prevention Lifeline director Dr. John Draper. 

“From this point on, I want to make an effort to contribute and immerse myself in the conversation, so I’m pledging to donate $1 million to various suicide prevention organizations,” Paul said in the new video. Contact information for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline was displayed at the video's end and in its description.

Paul ended the video by saying, "I'm humbled and thankful to say, this is just the beginning," over text that read "You are not alone."

After Paul posted the first video on Dec. 31, he received significant backlash to his handling of mental health issues, including from the likes of Aaron Paul (no relation) and Sophie Turner. Paul apologized for the video on Twitter shortly after it was posted, saying, "This is a first for me. I've never faced criticism like this before, because I've never made a mistake like this before. I'm surrounded by good people and believe I make good decisions, but I'm still a human being. I can be wrong." Paul ultimately announced that he would be suspending his vlog while he took some time to "reflect" on the situation. 

Following the backlash, YouTube put planned projects with Paul on hold and announced that he would no longer appear in YouTube Red series Foursome. Executives at the company have said that Paul "has the opportunity" to prove to them that he has learned from his experience. 

Paul's fans have largely supported him during this time. His channel has actually gained subscribers during his hiatus and now sits at over 16 million subscribers.