Logos to Cover NFL Jerseys Like NASCAR in '3 to 5 Years' (Study)

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

More than $230 million in advertising revenue would be in play, but broadcasters may balk at the idea.

NEW YORK – NFL players may become walking billboards in three to five years, according to a study.

More than $230 million in advertising revenue would be in play if teams offer sponsors space on their NFL jerseys, according to the Horizon Media study, the New York Post said Wednesday.

With the Players' Union expected to demand a bigger cut of  league revenues in labor negotiations this spring, the proposition, which observers have mentioned for years, could become more appealing. European soccer clubs routinely feature sponsors on their jerseys.

Broadcasters are seen as natural opponents of any such move given that they sell expensive advertising, whose appeal may be reduced by an on-field brand presence. "We have not had any discussions whatsoever with the NFL regarding this matter," a Fox spokesman told the Post.

"We are often approached by companies that want to put their logo on NFL jerseys  - the most valuable real estate in sports," an NFL spokesperson told the Post. "But we have no plans to do so."

Over the last three years though, several NFL teams have used logos for such companies and organizations as AT&T, Gillette, Sanyo and the University of Phoenix on practice jerseys, the paper pointed out.

NASCAR, known for its use of marketing messages across the board, said it has not run into any problems with broadcasters. "Goodyear is our official tire, but if [TV networks] want to run a Firestone ad, they're welcome to," Andrew Giangola, NASCAR's director of business communications, told the Post. "It's capitalism at its finest."