Lollapalooza: This Is Where Singer Janelle Kroll Would Like to Perform Next

Janelle_Kroll_IG - S 2015

Janelle_Kroll_IG - S 2015

After hitting the music festival's stage on Saturday, the NY-based crooner has her eyes set on performing at another major event. And it involves the runways.

Two years after moving from Chicago to New York, Janelle Kroll returned to her hometown over the weekend to perform for the first time at Lollapalooza.

"Honestly I'm kind of speechless over the whole thing, I'm grateful," the bright-eyed beauty told Pret-a-Reporter after playing on Saturday. "I've been working really hard, so it looks like the journey away from home has a beautiful way of bringing me back here. It's paid off."

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After her performance, in which she serenaded the crowd with "Sunny Days," which she said was "written with friends in Chicago," and her recently released cover of Joni Mitchell's "Down to You (My Confidante)," the musician shared that her next project is "releasing an EP in the next month."

"It's tricky because I could put out a double album but I think it's important to extend the conversation," explained Kroll. "I'm really not looking to sit still at any point, so I really want to slowly release a lot of this material — consistently but not all at once."

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Indeed, Kroll doesn't show any signs of slowing down, which is why when we saw that she did an Insta takeover for Rebecca Minkoff during the fest, we couldn't help but ask if she'll be playing for the designer's Fashion Week show in September, which in past seasons have included live performances (both from AlunaGeorge and Little Daylight).

"Oh my gosh, it would be too much fun getting to sing — if I was given the opportunity to sing at New York Fashion Week... I'm just going to manifest it," declared Kroll, clad in the Minky fringe top and black shorts, before continuing, "I think in the next year, a Fashion Week performance will be something to look forward to. I think it will happen. You heard it here." Noted.


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