London 2012: Duran Duran to Perform for England at Olympic Games Opening Concert

The gig will feature Paolo Nutini for Scotland, Snow Patrol turning out for Northern Ireland and Stereophonics for Wales.

LONDON -- 1980s pin-up band Duran Duran are to represent the musical talent of England at a concert planned to mark the opening of the Olympic Games this summer.

The band will strum on stage alongside other acts hitting the notes for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at the concert in central London on July 27 timed to play as the opening ceremony unfolds across town.

Organizers said the lineup will feature Snow Patrol for Northern Ireland, Stereophonics for Wales and pop star Paolo Nutini, who will play for Scotland.

Concert-goers will be able to watch the London 2012 opening ceremony broadcast live on giant screens.

Tickets for the BT London Live opening ceremony celebration concert will go on sale this week.

Another major outdoor concert is planned to mark the closing ceremony of the Olympics on August 12, with Blur booked as the main act.

The choice of Duran Duran as openers for such a high-profile show set Twitter all a-chuckle.

Novelist and broadcaster Tony Parsons tweeted: "Duran Duran to headline Olympic gig. Who is running the 1500 metres - Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett?"

His was among many references to the fact that Duran Duran enjoyed the height of their fame almost 30 years ago.

Perhaps not coincidentally, an advertising campaign for concert sponsor BT's broadband offerings currently features Duran Duran's appeal.


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