London 2012: Rupert Murdoch Calls Olympics Opening Ceremony 'Too Politically Correct'

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Since Murdoch joined Twitter on Dec. 31, the News Corp. CEO has amassed more than 211,000 followers while lobbing 140-character grenades at enemies near and far. Lately he has taken an interest in the U.S. presidential race.

But the News Corp. CEO also calls filmmaker Danny Boyle, who was responsible for it, "a creative genius."

LONDON - News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch on Saturday tweeted about Danny Boyle's Summer Olympics opening ceremony here, praising the filmmaker, but also calling the Friday night extravaganza "a little too politically correct."

Many observers lauded the opening ceremony as a big celebration with a British twist. (link to our review) The show included a who-is-who of British celebrities, including Paul McCartney, Kenneth Branagh, Rowan Atkinson and Queen Elizabeth II who appeared in a much-praised video skit with Daniel Craig.
"London Olympic opening surprisingly great, even if a little too politically correct," wrote Murdoch, who regularly expresses his views on politics, Scientology and other topics on Twitter. He didn't further explain his criticism about the show's political correctness.

He then heaped praise on the director of Slumdog Millionaire. "Danny Boyle a creative genius," Murdoch said.

The media mogul also shared some thoughts on the media coverage of U.S. representatives who traveled to the British capital for the opening ceremony of the Summer Games. Beyond First Lady Michelle Obama who discussed food and other issues in front of the British media, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney also came to London - only to draw some criticism earlier in the week for saying that London didn't seem ready for the Olympics.

"UK and US press cooperated to exaggerate Romney off- tune gaffe, but no denying Mrs Obama proved great ambassador, even with broccoli talk!" Murdoch tweeted.

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