London 2012: Rupert Murdoch Lauds Mayor, Olympics Organizers

The News Corp. CEO tweets that London is in its "best shape ever," but warns about a possible post-Olympics blues.

LONDON - News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch on Thursday praised the organizers of the London 2012 Summer Olympics and the mayor of the British capital for doing a stellar job.

But he also warned that the weak global economy could lead to some post-Olympics blues.

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"London in best shape ever," Murdoch tweeted. "All overboard about the Olympics, brilliantly organized by [London organizing committee head] Zeb Coe and [mayor] Boris Johnson."

He later corrected the spelling of former Olympic runner Coe. "Sorry, it's Sebastian Coe, not Zeb!" Murdoch said.

The media mogul also cautioned: "Better enjoy Games while they last. Hangover coming with bad economic outlook truly world- wide."

Earlier this week, it emerged that Johnson had invited Murdoch and wife Wendi to an Olympics swimming final on Friday as part of a group of business leaders.

Political observers have at times wondered if the conservative Johnson was looking to use the Olympics as a springboard for a potential political role on the national level.

Murdoch, who hasn't been shy about commenting on a range of issues, also chimed in on the medals table at the Summer Games. "No wonder China leading in medals while US and UK mainly teach competitive sport a bad thing," he said on Twitter. He also asked how many champions have a state school background.

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Murdoch previously lauded Danny Boyle for his work on the Olympics opening ceremony, calling him a "creative genius," while also calling the ceremony "too politically correct."


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