London 2012: Rupert Murdoch Lauds Mayor, Olympics Organizers

DOWN: Rupert Murdoch

A U.K. phone-hacking report says Rupert is "unfit" to run the company and James showed "willful ignorance" to issues at News International.

The News Corp. CEO tweets that London is in its "best shape ever," but warns about a possible post-Olympics blues.

LONDON - News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch on Thursday praised the organizers of the London 2012 Summer Olympics and the mayor of the British capital for doing a stellar job.

But he also warned that the weak global economy could lead to some post-Olympics blues.

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"London in best shape ever," Murdoch tweeted. "All overboard about the Olympics, brilliantly organized by [London organizing committee head] Zeb Coe and [mayor] Boris Johnson."

He later corrected the spelling of former Olympic runner Coe. "Sorry, it's Sebastian Coe, not Zeb!" Murdoch said.

The media mogul also cautioned: "Better enjoy Games while they last. Hangover coming with bad economic outlook truly world- wide."

Earlier this week, it emerged that Johnson had invited Murdoch and wife Wendi to an Olympics swimming final on Friday as part of a group of business leaders.

Political observers have at times wondered if the conservative Johnson was looking to use the Olympics as a springboard for a potential political role on the national level.

Murdoch, who hasn't been shy about commenting on a range of issues, also chimed in on the medals table at the Summer Games. "No wonder China leading in medals while US and UK mainly teach competitive sport a bad thing," he said on Twitter. He also asked how many champions have a state school background.

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Murdoch previously lauded Danny Boyle for his work on the Olympics opening ceremony, calling him a "creative genius," while also calling the ceremony "too politically correct."


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