London 2012: Ryan Lochte Reveals What He Finds Sexy in Women's Fashion

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Ryan Lochte

The newly-minted Olympic gold medal swimmer says they look best in his own button-downs or a pair of white jeans.

Every Olympics, a few gold medalists emerge as matinee idols, hotties, and even get modelling deals on top of normal endorsement deals. They wind up in fashion magazine spreads, clothing ads -- they become the new definition of "hot" -- remember Michael Phelps in the last Olympics? Or the days of gold medalist Mark Spitz? One can already tell that this summer Olympics, that hottie is going to be swim champion Ryan Lochte.

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With one gold medal to his name already, Lochte showed off his swimmer's form and face to the Olympic TV cameras, getting more close-ups than most television stars get during a one-hour drama. We have a feeling that a lot of young American girls across the country looked at him and sighed, "If only he were my boyfriend . . . "

Women's Health magazine, in the meantime, jumped the gun and  just published a Lochte interview (albeit a brief one) in which they ask him all about women. One of the most interesting questions is "What do women look hottest in?" One might think the answer would be "a tight dress" or a bathing suit, particularly a bikini. Instead, Lochte's answer was both more intimate -- and more innocent -- than we would've predicted: "One of my long-sleeved button-down shirts and that's all" was his answer. "The second sexiest thing: white jeans."

Now, how one is going to get one's hands on one of Lochte's favorite shirts is another question. At least we can be content to know one thing: the menswear look for women is back in a big way this fall. There will be plenty of men's shirts for women in  stores very soon.

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They also ask Lochte how important it is for a guy to have a fashion sense. "Really important," he answers. "It's how your personality comes out. I don't have a set style, but I try not to dress like everyone else." We wouldn't be surprised if he didn't have an endorsement deal with John Varvatos or Hugo Boss or even Gucci very soon. It seems "Ryan" is the new name associated with very attractive guy -- we can think of a few examples.