London Fashion Week: Model Arizona Muse Muses on Her New Eco-Friendly Fashion Project

Arizona Muse - 2018 Designer Showrooms Preview LFW - Getty - H 2018
Joe Maher/Getty Images

Sunstainable and wearable (but not edible).

Aside from walking in the Temperley London show, model Arizona Muse was at London Fashion Week to promote but a single piece of clothing: a pineapple party dress that's part of the Sustainable Angle initiative.

It was a preview of the as-yet-unnamed upcoming line that the model will debut in April.

The collection came about in response to a need: Muse and her best friend, Matthew Williamson artistic director Georgie Macintyre, were having a hard time finding party dresses made out of sustainable fabrics. “Our mission is to make super exciting sustainable clothing that is like a dress you can wear to your birthday party and feel amazing in and be bright and glamorous,” Muse told Pret-a-Reporter.

The gold disco mini frock is made out of Pinatex, derived from pineapple leaves as a byproduct of the juice industry, and Tencel. The two found the shiny gold fabric first and then designed the frock.

Muse and the Sustainable Angle initiative tapped several designers this season, including Alice Temperley, Roland Mouret and Emilia Wickstead, to create eco-friendly pieces.

“I’m really passionate and enthusiastic about sustainable materials and I want to show people that we can make clothes in a sustainable way and make them look amazing,” Muse said. “I’ve just gotten so excited about it, because I’ve spent the last two years researching and it’s really enriched my life.”

She said they’re in the manufacturing stage of the line, and will unveil the rest soon.

As far as the rest of the fashion industry, the model said designers want to go green but many are afraid or simply don’t know how.

“The whole industry has to take a leap in the right direction. This is why we’ve done this project, to show designers that it can be done. It’s so easy, but it’s a decision you need to make,” she said. “The hard part is where to start. It could start with the designers, it could start with the production team, it could start with the consumer. But we all need to start together.”

Her new role as a designer won’t keep her off the catwalk, she said, adding: “Design and modeling – they go hand in hand."