London Helicopter Crash Pilot Flew In 'Saving Private Ryan,' 'Die Another Day' (Report)

1999: "Saving Private Ryan"
DreamWorks/Courtesy of Everett Collection

Harvey Weinstein's push for "Shakespeare in Love" -- which beat "Saving Private Ryan" in a stunning upset -- forever changed the Oscars, bringing a new ferocity to the race and ushering in an indie era, much to the chagrin of the studios.

Pete Barnes, who was killed Wednesday morning, was involved in movie and TV productions also including "Tom Raider 2."

LONDON – The pilot of the helicopter that crashed in central London Wednesday morning had flown for movie productions including Die Another Day and Saving Private Ryan.

Pete Barnes, who was one of two fatalities when the helicopter crashed during rush hour after hitting a construction crane on top of a building in the South London neighborhood of Vauxhall, just south of the River Thames, had more than 9,000 hours of flying time, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph.

His flying resume boasted stints as an air ambulance pilot, work on advertisements, TV programs and movie work such as Tomb Raider 2.

He also flew travel report helicopters for local radio across the U.K. and worked as a helicopter instructor.

The crash filled the early morning newscasts across all British media outlets after the chopper went down near the headquarters of U.K. spy agency MI6.