London Olympics 2012: Majority of Brits Say $13.4 Billion Cost Was Worth It

The London Olympics opening ceremony, directed by Danny Boyle.

A BBC survey finds that a vast majority would also welcome the Games back to Britain.

LONDON A BBC survey has found that more than two-thirds of the British public believe the $13.4 billion (£8.77 billion) cost of the London 2012 Olympics was worth the money.

The survey, carried out for the public broadcaster, also indicates that 74 percent of the U.K. population would "welcome the Games back to Britain."

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The survey findings, published a year after the beginning of last year's games, aims to shed some light on whether the sporting event that became a televisual feast for the BBC, will leave a positive legacy.

The Olympics 2012, combined with the Paralympics, ended up more than tripling its original budget of $3.7 billion (£2.4 billion).

Recent government research indicates that the U.K. economy received a $15 billion (£9.9 billion) boost in trade and investment from staging the Games.

A year from the start of London 2012, the survey of 3,218 adults, conducted by ComRes, aims to understand public perceptions of Olympic legacy and what impact the event has had on communities.

The Olympics was a huge success for the BBC, which garnered record ratings and plaudits for its coverage.