London police bust pirate DVD facility


LONDON -- Four men were arrested last week in southeast London, following the discovery of a facility that was producing counterfeit DVDs worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, U.K. anti-piracy body FACT revealed Wednesday.

Following the search of a house in Thamesmead, police found an estimated 30,000 discs, which each have a street value of £3-£5 ($5-$9). The DVDs contained films still in general release as well as pornographic material.

Equipment capable of burning more than 1,000 DVDs an hour also was found.

Said FACT Director General Kieron Sharp: "This was a major factory and its discovery will cause some serious disruption to piracy in the London area. Film piracy has proven links to organized crime and the scale of this operation shows the level of investment by criminal networks in this type of crime."
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