London raid snares pirated Bollywood haul


LONDON -- U.K. record industry association the British Phonographic Industry said Friday that an anti-piracy operation conducted over the past week in West London included the seizure of 200,000 Bollywood DVDs and CDs.

Valued at just under £1 million ($1.9 million), this is easily the U.K.'s biggest-ever haul of Bollywood music and film, the BPI said in a statement.

In total, 500,000 items were seized during raids at a self-storage site in Hayes, West London.

The estimated 13 tons of merchandise included Hollywood, Bollywood and pornographic DVDs, cover sleeves, blank DVDs, CDs and counterfeit clothing. About 75% of all DVDs seized were Bollywood titles.

"We understand that this is the biggest seizure of Bollywood counterfeits ever seen in the U.K." BPI general counsel Roz Groome said. "Our members will be pleased to hear that this operation has disrupted what we believe to be a hugely significant piracy operation extending throughout west London and beyond.

"With intellectual property crime often linked to other areas of crime and benefit fraud, we also urge consumers not to support counterfeiters by buying their goods."