'Lone Star's' Jon Voight: 'It's going to be a hit'

VIDEO: 'FNL' star will campaign 'naked' for Emmy next year

Getting conned is about to get a little sexier.

The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up with the stars of Fox's new drama "Lone Star" (premieres tonight at 9 p.m.) at the network's fall party last Monday, and the cast talked about the series' complicated concept.

"With this premise, you wonder how they can keep it going," co-star Jon Voight told THR. "It's amazing what they're discovering, how they're working things in."

"I think it's going to be a hit," he declared.

"Lone Star" centers on a con man, Robert (or Bob), leading two separate lives and finding himself in love with two different women, played by "Friday Night Lights" alum Adrianne Palicki and Eloise Mumford.

"People are catching on and people are finding out. [He's] sweating a little bit more, and not just because it's 105 degrees and humid in Texas, it's because he's dealing with more close calls," star James Wolk said, referring to his character's journey in the first few episodes.

Interestingly, in a video interview with THR in mid-July, Palicki said she didn't believe her character Cat and Wolk's Bob were soulmates, even though they are husband and wife on the show. (Watch the exclusive video, along with Wolk and Voight, at left.)

Wolk's character isn't the only one with something to hide.

"The thing that people are going to start to figure out is that everyone has a secret and Cat has one as well," Palicki teased, adding that Cat's ex-husband will come into the fray, throwing "a little wrench into that little happy relationship that she has with Bob."

Wolk also gave us a glimpse of what's to come, saying, "The families that he's involved with, they only become bigger. ... People start asking questions and that turns the heat up on Bob."

Even though this year's Emmys are over, Palicki, who returns to "Friday Night Lights" in its final season (premieres Oct. 27 on DirecTV), will be fighting for a series nom next year.

"It better be [nominated]. God damnit, we've earned it!," she said. "I will campaign. I will stand on the street -- naked. No, I'm kidding."

"Modern Family" Emmy campaign jokingly proposed that Sofia Vergara would run down Sunset Boulevard in her birthday suit should the series win.