AFI Fest: Mark Wahlberg Slams Actors Who Compare Their Craft to Military Work

Peter Berg, Mark Wahlberg

"For actors to sit there and talk about, 'Oh I went to SEAL training,' I don't give a f--- what you did," he says.

When Mark Wahlberg took the stage after the world premiere of Lone Survivor at AFI Fest on Tuesday, he wasn't interested in talking about his work on the film.

"I'm not in a good place to talk about anything right now," he told the audience gathered at the TCL Chinese Theatre. "For us to talk about what we went through up on that mountain as actors is just so fake and so false considering what these guys did and what they went through."

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In Peter Berg's war drama, Wahlberg plays Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, who was one of the men on SEAL Team 10's failed mission: Operation Red Wings. After the screening of the film, Wahlberg was joined onstage by Berg and Luttrell, who wrote the book on which the film is based.

When AFI Fest festival director Jacqueline Lyanga asked Wahlberg about his experience filming the project, the actor/producer became quite emotional.

"For actors to sit there and talk about, 'Oh I went to SEAL training,' I don't give a f--- what you did," he said. "I don't give a shit if you're getting your ass busted. You get to go home at the end of the day, you get to go to your hotel room, you get to order f---ing chicken."

The actor seemed to be alluding to comments reportedly made by Tom Cruise that compared the time away from his daughter Suri while shooting a film to a soldier's tour in the Middle East.

"I've done other movies where I trained for four-and-a-half years, I did The Fighter --  f--- all that," he added. "I'm a very lucky guy to do what I do, and I'm proud to be a part of this, but it's just so much bigger than what I do."

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Wahlberg's passionate speech ended with him saying he didn't want to answer any more questions, but that he would get a second wind to enjoy the party.

The rest of the Q&A portion focused heavily on Luttrell's own reaction to the film. While he pointed out some differences that he noticed (and he said other military people would notice), like the lack of face paint on the SEALS, he said overall the film was true to his harrowing story.

At the party, which was also attended by Wahlberg's co-stars Emile Hirsch and Alexander Ludwig along with actress Charlize Theron, the cast seemed to be in good spirits despite the heavy material of the film.

Also starring Taylor Kitsch, Eric Bana and Ben Foster, Lone Survivor will have a limited release on Dec. 27 ahead of a wide release on Jan. 10.

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