Longtime DGA Executive Warren Adler to Retire


The move comes after 32 years of service; no successor was announced.

The DGA’s associate national executive director, Warren Adler, is retiring, effective April 1, the guild disclosed. There was no mention of a successor, and it is not known whether the position will be filled or left vacant. The position was created in 1998 when Adler was promoted into the then-newly created post.

Adler started at the DGA in 1978, as associate general counsel. At that time, he noted in a statement, “the Guild had roughly a dozen people on staff.” In contrast, the union’s staff now numbers around 150, based on 2009 figures (the most recent public filing available).

During his tenure at the guild, which was marked by several promotions, Adler participated in 11 negotiating cycles for the main collective bargaining agreement with the AMPTP. He also focused on creative rights and on diversity issues, and will continue to serve the guild as a senior counselor, primarily on those issues.