'Look Who's Back' Director David Wnendt to Adapt 'Hagen von Tronje'

David Wnendt - Getty - H 2016
Pier Marco Tacca/WireImage

The updated version of the Nibelung saga, the story that inspired 'Lord of the Rings,' will hit theaters in 2018.

David Wnendt, the German director whose made a name for himself adapting “un-adaptable” books including Timur Vermes' Hitler comedy Look Who's Back and Charlotte Roche's joyously scatological Wetlands, will next adapt Hagen von Tronje, the 1986 novel by Wolfgang Hohlbein, for the big screen.

Hohlbein's German best-seller is an updated version of the German Nibelung saga, a tale of dragons, dwarves and magic credited as a major inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Holbein's version is told from the perspective of Hagen, often portrayed as the villain of the Nibelung.

Wnendt's Look Who's Back, in which Adolf Hitler wakes up, unharmed, in modern-day Berlin and sets off on a successful comedy career, was a huge hit in Germany, earning some $22 million at the box office. Netflix picked up rights for the film for most of the world.

Christoph Fromm, an experienced German TV writer, will adapt Hohlbein's book for the screen. Oliver Berben and Martin Moszkowicz, both producers on Look Who's Back, will produce for Constantin Film. Production is set to begin in 2017 for a 2018 release.