'Looking for Alaska' Star Denny Love Felt "Crazy Amount of Pressure" Meeting John Green on Set

The star also discussed turning Green's popular book into a Hulu limited series, saying, "Everything [the fans] love is already in the show, but it's also some new stuff I think people will fall in love with."

John Green's first novel and fan favorite, Looking for Alaska, has gone through quite the 14-year journey.

After Paramount Pictures acquired the rights to the book in 2005 to be made into a feature film, it was ultimately shelved, but thanks to Hulu, fans can now see the story of Miles Halter and Alaska Young come to life in an eight-episode limited series, now streaming on the platform.

Looking for Alaska star Denny Love, who portrays the Colonel, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the pressure he felt to satisfy fans of the book, which he says he had never heard of before auditioning for the role.  

"It was a beautiful thing. I think that everybody was so passionate about the project, not just the actors but the crew," he says. "I think I was lucky to not know how big it was, so I was just able to approach it with a passion I would bring to any other project, but I did understand the weight of it, and not letting the fans down was a big thing that we all thought was super important."

Love goes on to describe the one day on set that he felt "a crazy amount of pressure," when Green himself made an appearance.

"He came the very first day and I almost had a heart attack, because I'm already in this world. It's crazy to come to this new school and be around all of these talented people, and then John Green himself is just hanging out on set," he says. "It was overwhelming, but once I got past the fear of John, then I was able to just dive into the work."

While Green's story didn’t make it to the movie screen, Love explains how turning it into a mini-series allowed the cast to dive deeper into the characters and story.

"It would have been a very different thing. You know, a two-hour movie versus eight episodes you get to spend with these characters, I think it gave us a beautiful opportunity to really just dive deeper into the world in a beautiful way that I think the fans, everything they love is already in the show, but it's also some new stuff I think people will fall in love with."

Watch the video above for more. Looking for Alaska is now streaming on Hulu.