'Looming Tower' Creator Talks Writing Outside His Experiences

"I needed help in the room with people who had direct experience with a lot of it," Futterman told THR.

"I needed help in the room with people who had direct experience with a lot of it," Dan Futterman told The Hollywood Reporter on creating his miniseries The Looming Tower, a historical narrative that focuses on the FBI-CIA drama that preluded the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

"Having said that, I don't only want to write about 50-year-old guys who grew up in Larchmont," he told the Drama Showrunner Roundtable. "But this is a complicated question right now. This is a hard question." Serving as the series' showrunner, Futterman made the unusual "decision not to rewrite."

"I would give a lot of notes," Futterman said of his role in the writers room, also adding that writers Adam Rapp and Bathsheba Doran did their own rewrites, which Futterman noted made "the episodes sound different from one another."

"I feel like I continue to learn from [Rapp and Doran]. I can get a little forward-moving narrative, plot, and they as playwrights, they take a breath and let the scenes breathe a little bit. I feel like I'm still learning from them and people in the room," he explained. 

Futterman has two Academy Award nominations for best screenplay (Foxcatcher, Capote). The Looming Tower, starring Jeff Daniels, is available on Hulu.

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