L'Oreal's 24-Karat Nail Polish and More Cannes Beauty: By the Numbers


Makeup artist Karim Rahman and nail art guru Tom Bachik spill on the amount of red lipsticks and toe separators they pack for the French Riviera.

When L’Oreal’s army of makeup, hair and nail artists takes over the seventh floor of the Martinez hotel each year, it doesn’t travel lightly. With pounds of products in their respective arsenals, makeup expert Karim Rahman and nail art expert Tom Bachik spill their suitcases — and their secrets — to Pret-a-Reporter.

24 Karats in the new Gold Obsession Collection Exclusive nail color. Says Bachik: "There’s the one true gold and the rest are tonal in rose to luminescent."

30 Models to prep for this year’s amfAR gala. "We’ll bring out seven more manicurists besides myself," says Bachik. "They have two hours to get ready, and it’s hair, makeup and getting dressed, so we just whip everybody out and get them on the runway."

400 Toe separators that Bachik packs in his suitcase. "We do it twice a day, every day, for 12 days. It’s a constant thing."

2 Times per day, the stars get pedicures from Bachik. "We do the girls in the morning for photoshoots and interviews, and then redo them for the red carpet. It’s like a nonstop thing for them."

40 Brushes in Rahman’s kit. "I take them on the plane and keep them in the hotel room safe," says Rahman of the kit he has had for 18 years. "They are the perfect shape and trained to my hands and my gestures and know exactly what I need them to do. They are my best friends."

30 Minutes that Rahman has to ready the ladies for the red carpet. "In my dream, it would be an hour; in reality, the schedule is too tight."

50 Shades of red that Rahman has in his kit. "I have 300 lipsticks at all times. I’m not saying that I use all of them, but it makes me feel safe and secure. Actresses and spokespeople are different than models; they know themselves and their own habits, and if they like one color, you have to have that color."

40 Boxes of Cadac wood-handled cotton swabs. "The cotton is very specific. Every detail is important. I can’t go to the Monoprix and just buy some more."