Lori York Exits ICM Partners

Lori York


ICM is beefing up its lucrative international television and media divisions with two new agents who specialize in TV packaging: York and Gordon Hvolka. The New York-based York and Los Angeles-based Hvolka will help pick up the slack left by Mike Jelline, ICM’s former head of TV talent.

The TV agent departed the agency on Friday.

Television agent Lori York and ICM Partners have parted ways, a source confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

The New York-based agent has been with the agency since January 2011, when she was hired alongside Los Angeles-based Gordon Hvolka to join the international TV and media division to specialize in TV packaging.

In October 2013, York was promoted to partner with 10 fellow agents to join the 38-person partnership of agents.

It is unclear why York left; ICM declined to comment on the departure.

In August 2015, ICM Partners' Greg Lipstone exited the agency for All3Media America, where he replaced outgoing president Eli Holzman as the company's CEO. Michael Kagan was promoted to head of international television and media shortly after Lipstone's departure.