Los Angeles Arson Attacks Draw Mixed Reactions on Twitter

Hollywood Arson Fire Dec 29 - H 2011

Hollywood Arson Fire Dec 29 - H 2011

LAPD's arrest of a suspected arsonist produces a collective sigh of relief, and joke-cracking, among Hollywood and media observers.

Since the police arrested a person of interest in connection with at least 55 arson attacks in Los Angeles County, the Twitterverse has responded with a mixture of relief, concern and gallows humor.

"My New Years resolution is to stop setting cars on fire," joked comedian Horatio Sanz, adding the Twitter hashtag #LAisLoco.

Pauley Perrette, who stars on the CBS drama NCIS, was less amused. Earlier Monday, she wrote, grammatical errors included: "Maybe a Person Of Interest detained as #LAarson [sic] But sirens still going here Thank you for your prayers We haven't slept." Since the attacks began Thursday, setting parked cars ablaze and targeting buildings too, the actress and Hollywood resident has been tweeting frequent pleas for neighborhood vigilance and outrage at the "psycho starting fires everywhere."

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A few days before, Kelly Osbourne echoed Perrette's annoyance with this angry tweet: "i know why sirens woke me up at 5am 15-20 cars were arson around Hwood what is wrong w/ ppl its so disgusting to destroy ppls livelihood!" And this one, evoking an atmosphere of fear and terror: "Hollywood is on fire I can taste the smoke in the air! When R they gonna catch these a--holes! there is no way only 1 person is doing this."

Julie Plec, executive producer of CW's Vampire Diaries, had a more droll take on the scary situation.

"Meanwhile, according to Twitter, my entire neighborhood is the site of an army of LAPD helicopters and an arson suspect," she wrote Monday.

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Producer Amy Berg quipped of the pony-tailed suspect (apparently dubbed "Meatloaf Seagal" by the LAPD): "Well he certainly looks the part of a douchebag."

Sadao Turner Esq., director of new media at Ryan Seacrest Productions, who was in New York during the arson spree, shared: "I'm getting back into LA just as the arsonist should be setting tonight's fires (unless he's the person of interest). Will be interesting." Turner predicted the attacks would wind up plot fodder for an episode of Law & Order.

Rachel Cantu, a singer, cracked what was perhaps the most deadpan -- and darkly funny -- response on Twitter.

"Oh good, my car isn't on fire. #LA," was all she wrote.