Los Angeles TV Stations Collect More Than $100 Mil From Political Campaigns

Los Angeles area television stations are flush with cash from candidates and special interest groups that have been pouring money into California's statewide campaigns. The Los Angeles Times reports that the stations collected more than $105 million in campaign cash by the third week of September and are expected to add another $40-45 million before the Nov. 2 election.

Analysts point to California's big-ticket gubernatorial and senate races, as well as January's Supreme Court decision that removed corporation and union campaign spending limits as the major catalysts behind this year's spending spree.

Competitive national races have also pumped dollars into the mix. Kantar Media analyst Evan Tracey told the Times, "Incumbents across the country are worried about losing, and they are not holding on to their money. And many of these statewide races are in states with expensive media markets like New York, Texas and California."

Los Angeles stations have received three times as much money as New York stations, according to the Times, and Internet spending accounts for less than 2% of the total money spent on this year's races.