'The Lost City of Z' Cast Talks Timeless Themes in Film at Premiere

By Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images
Tom Holland, Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller and Robert Pattinson

"We have the tendency to rank in society and to marginalize some groups. ... So we wanted to explore that very heavily in the film," said Charlie Hunnam.

Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland and Sienna Miller were reunited on the red carpet at the U.S. premiere of The Lost City of Z on Wednesday night at the ArcLight in Hollywood. Brad Pitt also graced the carpet to support the film his company, Plan B Entertainment, helped bring to life.

Although the film is inspired by the true story of a British explorer from the early 20th century, the plot itself remains relevant today. “We have the tendency to rank in society and to marginalize some groups, whether it’s through breeding or affluence or creed, race, gender. … So we wanted to explore that very heavily in the film,” said Hunnam, who plays Percy Fawcett.

Pattinson, who plays Fawcett’s aide-de-camp, Henry Costin, spoke about how the real-life characters dealt with the negative reactions to their discovery of an advanced ancient civilization.

“People are generally quite ignorant about other people’s cultures, and then they suddenly find out, like, ‘Oh! They’re more advanced than us,’ ” said Pattinson.

The film's director, writer and producer, James Gray, felt it was a story well worth telling — so much so that he felt compelled to go to South America to integrate real indigenous people of the Amazon into the film.

“A movie like this requires a lot of research because these are characters we know so much about already, and you want to be sure you do them justice and get them right,” said Holland. “I think [his character, Jack Fawcett] was really a pure spirit — someone who wanted to explore the world and make a difference.”

That difference ultimately ended in the disappearance of both Percy Fawcett and his son, sparking many theories about what happened to the explorers who believed so strongly in illuminating cultures of the Amazon. However, it also led to a better understanding of the nation that once was a thriving civilization.

Gray almost thought this movie would never get made, but his belief in it — similar to Fawcett’s faith in ‘Z’ — helped bring together a film that reminds audiences that there are still many things to be discovered about the world.

“Unfortunately, we believe too much, sometimes, in progress. To have progress is also to be willing to fight for that progress,” said Gray. “The fight to make that comment, ‘We’re all made of the same clay,’ endures. I would be lying if I didn’t see that parallel, and it’s part of what motivated us to make the film.”

Following the film's premiere, the cast and crew headed to Le Jardin for an afterparty flowing with champagne and hors d'oeuvres. Hunnam walked around the main area and spent time speaking with guests, while Pattinson stayed in the VIP section. Other notable guests included Barry Jenkins, Tye Sheridan, Jonathan Fernandez, Alex Karpovsky and Mae Whitman.

The Lost City of Z opens April 14.