Lost Luggage Survival Guide

2012-17 STY Lost Luggage H


La Croisette in Cannes is lined with designer boutiques like Dior and Louis Vuitton.

Misplaced luggage en route to 12 days of Cannes Film Festival madness may sound like the synopsis of a horror film, but luckily the Riviera town provides several options. From the Croisette to the rue d'Antibes, Cannes sports designer boutiques from YSL, Celine, Chanel (conveniently located across the street from the Palais) and Fendi, and shops by Hermes and Jean Paul Gaultier are part of the mall at the hotel Gray-d'Albion. Take advantage of your airline's faux pas to have an excuse to fill your new suitcase with authentically French fashion, including dresses that can go from day to night, from tres chic brands like Maje or Vanessa Bruno, whose store on rue des Etats-Unis just opened. There's even a Galeries Lafayette department store across from the train station with brand names handy. If you don't have time for a shopping spree, knock on the door of suite 215 at Hotel Martinez, where stylists Virginie Corre and Pascal Dupin set up shop. The duo, who have dressed Marion Cotillard for Cannes events, stock daytime and black-tie options including gowns by up-and-coming designers such as Veronica Moncho Lobo, plus stylish classics by Ermenegildo Zegna. "We'll help dress anyone with a key role in Cannes and the Marche du Film, whether it's an actress, a member of a film team, a studio head or the wife of a distributor," says Corre. Members-only concierge service Quintessentially also will be in town to assist with fashion emergencies, and you can sign up on the spot in Cannes (quintessentially.com). "It's very personalized … if it's a high-networking person looking for something luxurious, I'll go to the top men's designers. We have partnerships with several brands such as Zaroline Seikaly and Judith Leiber. If I can't find it in Cannes, I'll find it in Nice or in Paris," says Sanae Gillot, Quintessentially's head of operations. For male executives scrambling to find a bow tie -- aka noeud papillon -- on the way to a premiere, Ile-de-France Film Commission's Yann Marchet says not to worry: "It's the simplest thing to find -- all of the major hotels and most shops on La Croisette and rue d'Antibes sell them." Best bets are Dior Homme and Hugo Boss. And, if you're really running late, the Palais security team reportedly keeps extra bow ties tucked inside their jacket pockets because of the strict dress code. Says Marchet, "There was a big-time Warner Bros. exec a few years back whose flight was delayed and he arrived in jeans and cowboy boots, but he had a bow tie -- so they let him in."