Louis C.K. Apologized to Sarah Palin for Nasty Twitter Rant at 'SNL' 40th Anniversary

Louis CK Headshot - H 2014
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Louis CK Headshot - H 2014

The comedian tweeted some vile things about the former Alaska governor in 2010.

Nearly five years after going on a Twitter tirade against Sarah PalinLouis C.K. did something rare: apologize.

Backstage at February's Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special, the comedian apologized to the former Alaska governor for a 2010 Twitter rant in which he tweeted a number of nasty things about her. Among the offending tweets: "I want to rub my father's cock all over Sarah Palin's fat tits." 

In an interview with Howard Stern, C.K. said the flurry of tweets came as he was drinking on a plane, and back when he didn't quite understand how Twitter worked. He no longer has an account.

At the SNL afterparty, Palin approached C.K. and complimented him for being funny. 

"Something came over me emotionally, and I said 'well, I owe you an apology,' " C.K. told Stern. "I've never in a million years apologized for anything I've said. F— anyone else who is offended. I don't give a shit."

C.K. said one of Palin's handlers thanked him for the apology. When C.K. told Palin he had said some bad things about her, she joked, "Well, you're a vile person," making the comedian laugh. She went on to invite C.K. to go fishing with her if he were ever in Alaska.

Would he accept the offer? "In a heartbeat," he told Stern.

C.K. has discussed the rant before, saying on NBC's Today in 2012, "It still makes me laugh a little bit, the stuff I wrote when I think about it, I think it was well-written." In 2011,  he told GQ, "All that other shit, though — saying Palin had a Chinese family in her vagina and whatever — I don't regret that. It's comedy. I have said many indefensible things onstage. It's f—ing comedy. Plus, I do believe if she got elected, she'd really Hitler up the place."

See C.K's full Twitter rant, as screengrabbed by Buzzfeed in 2010.