Louis C.K.'s Daughter Helped Him Swear Off the Internet

Louis C.K. on Fallon — H 2016

The comedian turns to other forms of entertainment from Jane Austen and Samantha Bee.

Louis C.K. no longer uses the Internet and he is very happy about his decision.

"For the last month I haven't been on the Internet," the comedian told Jimmy Fallon while promoting his show Horace and Pete and his upcoming stand-up tour. "I always wanted to because I hate this feeling that I’ve got this thing in my hand all the time and it’s a bit of an addiction and it’s not good."

He continued, "Everything is mean and weird and upsetting.” C.K. said he needed to bring in outside help to make sure he stayed offline

“I gave my phone to my daughter, my 10-year-old, and I said put a code in for the restriction and then take me off,” said C.K., adding that it was a role reversal. "My daughter is keeping me off the Internet."

He enjoys his newfound freedom, saying it allows him to connect with people to ask for directions or to hear about current events.

“I just feel better because I don’t know what is going on," said the comedian. "I don't know anything that's going on and it’s exciting when somebody says, ‘Did you hear about the thing that he said?’ And I’m like, 'What did he say? I can't wait to hear.' "

C.K. revealed he now seeks entertainment from Jane Austen and Samantha Bee as two replacements to the Internet; watch below.