Louis C.K., Judd Apatow Ask TMZ to Remove Tracy Morgan Crash Video

Louis C.K.

The comedians are waging a campaign to get the website to pull the graphic video, which shows the aftermath of the accident that killed comedian James McNair and left Morgan and others critically injured.

Louis C.K. and Judd Apatow have publicly appealed to TMZ to take down a video showing the crash scene and aftermath of the car accident involving fellow comedian Tracy Morgan. The horrific highway crash claimed the life of veteran comedian James McNair and left four injured, including Morgan, who remains hospitalized in critical condition.

"Take it down TMZ," C.K. wrote on Twitter. "Now. Please. "

Apatow weighed in a few hours later, tweeting: ‪"@HarveyLevinTMZ please take down the accident video."

The footage was reportedly taken by a passing driver shortly after the limousine accident last weekend in New Jersey. It shows comedian Ardie Fuqua being pulled from the wreckage unconscious.

Fuqua was the opening act at Morgan’s comedy show the night before in Delaware. He appeared in an early episode of C.K.'s critically acclaimed FX show Louie.

“[Ardie’s] brave daughter has asked them to take it down,” C.K. said on Twitter. “They won’t.”

Fuqua’s daughter, Krizya Fuqua, took to Instagram to put pressure on the website to remove the video.

"They don't understand how hurtful it is to see my father dragged out of the wreckage," she wrote, adding, "No one should see my father this way."

See Krizya Fuqua's message below: