Louis C.K. Calls Trump a "Gross Crook; Dirty, Rotten, Lying Sack of Shit"

"I guess he’s not as profound as I thought he was,” the comedian said as he recalled referring to the president as "Hitler." “I thought he was some new kind of evil."

During the election, Louis C.K. called Donald Trump an "insane bigot" and "Hitler." He spoke about regretting those words with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday's Late Show.

The comedian said he doesn't take back what he said and that regretting it doesn't mean it's not true, he just didn't realize how many people were going to read what he wrote. He also said he has a new take on Trump.

"I guess he’s not as profound as I thought he was,” said Louis C.K. “I thought he was some new kind of evil, but he’s just a lying sack of shit. It's just simpler."

The comedian talked about the kinds of liars that exist, differentiating between people who lie occasionally, those who can't help it and those who enjoy lying.

In his opinion, Trump is the latter. "He’s just a gross crook; dirty, rotten, lying sack of shit," said Louis C.K. He said that he doesn't think of Trump as lying to him or other people who knew he wasn't telling the truth. But the people who voted for him, like a member of Colbert's audience, he sees them as "victims of the lying."

"Don't you just want God to just show up and say 'I was just kidding. About everything.' I just wish that he would," C.K. said toward the end of the interview.

The comedian also talked about how people need to be adults and accept the responsibility of voting and not just avoid doing it because they don't want to or feel like it.