Louis C.K. Recalls His First NYC Apartment: "It Was Pretty Gross"

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And that's just one tale as several Hollywood power players, from Will Arnett to Melissa McCarthy to Leslie Moonves, reveal the sometimes scary, smelly and roach-infested digs they called home way back when.

This story first appeared in the April 24 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

1. Chris Albrecht, CEO, Starz
77th between Broadway and Amsterdam | early 1970s
Rent: $90 a month ($180 total, split with a roommate)

2. Julie Andrews, Actress-singer
58th Street and Sixth Avenue 1950s
Rent: "I cannot remember. I only know that by the time I sent some money home, I had very little left for rent."

3. Will Arnett, Comedian
222 E. 87th St. | 1990
Rent: $325 a month

"It was a studio that I shared with a friend. Our sleeping areas were separated by a bookshelf, so it was close quarters. It was terrible — there was no privacy. Suffice it to say, I didn't get very lucky that year."

4. Gail Berman, Founder and CEO, The Jackal Group
130 W. 81st St. 1980s
Rent: $500 a month

5. Tom Bernard, Co-president, Sony Pictures Classics
142 W. 44th St. between Sixth and Seventh avenues | 1977
Rent: $350 a month

"A friend and I rented a two-bedroom apartment in a former Times Square hotel owned by the Durst family. I would see [accused serial killer] Bob Durst all the time on the street — he'd be carrying a big bag of rent money from all the joints they owned in the area. He was a little cold."

6. Ed Burns, Actor-director
121 Bank St. | 1990
Rent: $650 a month

"It was on a tree-lined cobblestone street but also had cockroaches, mice, rats and a hole in the bathroom ceiling where I could see into the upstairs neighbors' bathroom."

7. Louis C.K., Comedian
82nd Street and Central Park West | 1989
Rent: $1,050 a month ($200 each)

"I started coming to New York just to have a foot here. Me and my friend Nick DiPaolo, a comedian, were both time-sharing the apartment with, like, 10 other comedians. It was really tiny, with a nonkitchen and a loft bed so two guys could sleep in it. It was pretty gross."

8. Charlie Collier, President, AMC and SundanceTV
27th Street and Second Avenue | 1990s
Rent: $700 a month

9. Nancy Dubuc, President and CEO, A+E Networks
401 West End Ave. at 79th Street | 1998
Rent: $2,300 a month

10. Melissa McCarthy and Brian Atwood, Actress and designer, respectively
322 W. 46th St. and Eighth Avenue (above Orso) | 1991
Rent: About $1,000 a month

Atwood: "Living with Melissa was great. The only problem was it was a very small apartment for two people, but we had a blast. For her 21st birthday, I gave her a subway map. It was free."

11. Leslie Moonves, President and CEO, CBS Corp.
Corner of Perry and Hudson streets | 1971
Rent: $180 a month

12. John Oliver, Host, Last Week Tonight
14th Street between Avenues B and C | 2006
Rent: "I can't remember, but it was physically shocking to me."

He adds: "It was really bad — a studio. There was no air conditioning, and I got here in July. I had never been to New York, so it was like living inside a film set, albeit a grim film set. It didn't feel like being in an episode of Friends; it felt more like being in a Harvey Keitel movie."

13. Sarah Paulson, Actress
24th Street and Ninth Avenue | 2005
Rent: "Can't remember — probably blocked it out because it was too painful."

She adds: "It was great, except it had a garbage problem. The garbage drop was right in front of my building, so it never really smelled very good."

14. Aaron Sorkin, Playwright/screenwriter
124 W. 60th St. | 1984

15. Sandra Stern, COO, Lionsgate TV
Cortelyou Road and East 7th Street, Brooklyn | 1970s
Rent: $180 a month

"It was a small one-bedroom with a kitchen so tiny you couldn't turn around — and I thought it was hugely expensive."

16. Nina Tassler, Chairman, CBS Entertainment
83rd and Columbus 1980
Rent: "I paid $435 a month for a one-bedroom apartment."

17. Donald Trump, Real estate developer and reality TV star
Corner of 75th and Third Avenue | 1973
Rent: "I don't know, but it was so low."

He adds: "It was a tiny studio overlooking the water tank on 75th Street. It wasn't much — very small, no bedrooms — but I loved it."

18. Jeff Wachtel, President, NBCUniversal Cable
Northeast corner of 72nd Street and Amsterdam | 1970s
Rent: "Can't remember."

He adds: "A huge apartment that I shared with two friends looking out over 'Needle Park.' Across the street from Gray's Papaya — I think our apartment was on the same floor as Paul Gray, the founder."