Louis C.K. Releases New 'Horace and Pete' Show Online

Horace and Petes - H

The show is available for download on the comedian's website for five dollars.

Louis C.K surprised his fans with a new show on Saturday. The comedian’s website LouisCK.net now features a link where fans can pay $5 to download the first episode of a new show called Horace and Pete.

According to The New York Times, fans received an email that stated, “Hi there. Horace and Pete episode one is available for download. $5. Go here to watch it. We hope you like it. Regards, Louis." 

The link leads to a page that features the words “Horace and Pete: Episode 1” with no description of the cast or a synopsis. The instructions to download the episode read: “Watch the show, download the show, ignore the show. Whatever you want. After that, you never, ever have to hear from me again. Unless you want to.”

The New York Times also reports that the 67-minute show co-stars Steve Buscemi who, in the episode, runs an Irish bar with C.K. with appearances from Alan Alda and Aidy Bryant and a theme song by Paul Simon. The show touches upon current events with mentions of Donald Trump's absence from the recent Republican debate.  

The new project comes just weeks after FX Networks CEO John Landgraf expressed at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour that the fate of C.K.'s show Louie was up in the air.

“Maybe it’s one of those shows that has 15 seasons over 40 years,” said Landgraf

C.K. also echoed Landgraf on the show's future at the press tour saying, "I just don't know."