Louis C.K. Tweets Daniel Tosh Support Amid Rape Joke Incident

Getty Images; Comedy Central

The under-fire standup gets some kind words from a man who knows a thing or two about igniting conversation about the limits of comedy.

Louis C.K. is coming to the defense of an under-fire comedian once again.

The standup king and creator/star of FX's Louie is among comedy's fiercest free speech advocates, and last summer, publicly defended Tracy Morgan for his infamous string of homophobic jokes at a show in Colorado. Now, with Daniel Tosh under fire for making rape jokes at a club in LA, C.K. has tweeted a few kind words to the Comedy Central star.

Following Tosh's semi-mea culpa on Twitter for insisting rape is hilarious during his show Friday at the Laugh Factory, C.K. wrote, "@danieltosh your show makes me laugh every time I watch it. And you have pretty eyes."

C.K. himself has a history with testing decency with jokes about rape, both in his standup set and in discussion of the bounds of comedy. He did a bit during his "Chewed Up" tour in which he told the story of a waitress who liked to be forced into sex -- "You think I'm just going to rape you on the off chance that you're into that shit?" -- and has said that the only time one should be allowed to rape someone is when that person was unwilling to have sex with them.

There was also the season one episode of Louie in which an audience member interrupted his standup set, and C.K. (in his warped-self character) told her that she wouldn't even be alive if her mother hadn't raped a homeless Chinese man. The segment was meant to tackle whether rape jokes could be funny, and was also a reminder in some ways of his tiff with Sarah Palin, since his tweets about her have gotten him in hot water.

Nonetheless, his defense of Tosh is not quite as strong as that which he gave Morgan, who he backed on numerous occasions. He told ABC News in December that Morgan, "said something wrong, evil, cruel, ignorant and hilarious. He was on a comedy stage, not a pulpit. It is clear to anyone with an ability to reason and understand people that he didn’t mean a word of what he said. He was f---g around," and added that the gay community lost the chance to address Morgan's comments in a positive way.