Louis C.K. Is Donating Part of $1 Million Paycheck From Web Comedy Special to Charity

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The comedian says he plans to give $280,000 toward five organizations for a good cause.

Louis. C.K. says he's made more than $1 million from his online comedy special. But instead of keeping the money all to himself, he'll give some away.

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In his appearance on Wednesday's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Louis C.K. provided a breakdown of how he intends to spend the first mill: he's setting aside $250,000 to pay for the profitable special, the same amount toward holiday bonuses for his staff and then directing $280,000 to five charities of his choosing. They are, in no particular order: charity: water, which provides safe drinking water; Green Chimneys, which helps underprivileged kids; Kiva, which loans money to impoverished people around the world; Fistula Foundation for women who have childbirth injuries; and the Pablove Foundation for pediatric cancer research. Louis C.K. will keep the $220,000 left over.

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"That's a lot of money! I've never had $1 million all at once," said the comedian, added that he "felt uncomfortable" about it.

The special, Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater, became available Dec. 10 for $5, resulting in sales of more than 50,000 in the first 12 hours. The $5 bought fans two downloads and two streams of the stand-up special filmed during the New York Comedy Festival last month.

"(It was) a $5 impulse 220,000 people had," he said.

Watch Louis C.K's Jimmy Fallon appearance below: