Louisiana Theater Shooter Praised Hitler and Westboro Baptist Church

John Russell Houser, New - S 2015

John Russell Houser, New - S 2015

John Russell Houser wrote online, "Hitler is loved for the results of his pragmatism."

Louisiana theater shooter John Russell Houser expressed radical beliefs in online postings now coming to light following his deadly attack. In online comments made from accounts attributed to Houser, he praised Adolf Hitler, the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Houser, 59, killed two people and injured nine during a screening of Trainwreck in Lafayette Thursday before turning a gun on himself.

"Hitler is loved for the results of his pragmatism. There is no question of his being the most successful that ever lived," Houser wrote in a comment on the blog stateofmind13.com in January. "At this time the US is no more than a financially failing filth farm. Soon the phrase 'ruling with an iron hand' will be palatable anew."

On a Twitter account attributed to him, Houser tweeted his praise for the Westboro Baptist Church, which espouses radical, anti-gay views and has been known for protesting military funerals. 

People also have taken note that the online Tea Party group Tea Party Nation includes an account registered to someone matching Houser's name, but an organizer told The Daily Caller he was not familiar with Houser nor was it clear the shooter and the person who made the account were one and the same. 

In 2005, Houser registered for a conference hosted by white supremacist figure David Duke in New Orleans, according to documents obtained by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch blog.

Houser's disturbing speech dates years back. Former TV host Calvin Floyd told the Associated Press Houser routinely appeared on his TV show in the early '90s, where he called for violence against people involved with abortions. The morning call in show was broadcast on WLTZ-TV in Columbus, Georgia. Floyd described Houser as "angry" and made "wild accusations" about various topics. He would be pared with a democrat on air because "he could make the phones ring."