'Love Actually': What Happens With Harry and Karen's Marriage Revealed

Mary Evans/UNIVERSAL PICTURES/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection

Richard Curtis' partner live-tweets insider information about the famous holiday film.

On Saturday night, director Richard Curtis and his family went to see a midnight screening of his film, Love Actually.  His partner Emma Freud said it was the first time Curtis was seeing the movie in a cinema since the premiere in 2003.

Freud, who was a script editor for the film written and directed by Curtis, live-tweeted the viewing that had only four other people in the audience. Her tweets provided insights into different plotlines and scenes in the movie, the biggest one being what happened with Karen (Emma Thompson) and Harry's (Alan Rickman) relationship at the end of the film.

In the movie, Harry cheats on Karen with his secretary Mia. Karen finds out and confronts him, but the movie's ending leaves their relationship status ambiguous.

"Good to have you back," she tells him with a half-hearted smile at the airport.

When a fan asked Freud to clarify the ending, she said that the couple does in fact, stay married.


Freud also said that Harry did completely cheat on Karen with Mia, another fact that was ambiguous to viewers in the movie.


Here are some other tidbits Freud revealed at the screening: