'Love Is All' takes Golden Calf at Dutch fest

Director Joram Lursen also honored

AMSTERDAM -- Romantic comedy "Love Is All" took home the Golden Calf for best Dutch feature Friday night as the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht came to a close. Its helmer, Joram Lursen, received the award for best director.

"Love," a romantic comedy similar to the U.K.'s "Love Actually," stars Carice van Houten and, with 1.3 million admissions, is the biggest boxoffice hit in the Netherlands in recent years.

The festival jury, headed by former banker and film financier Frans Afman, was very critical of the quality of most of the Dutch features in competition, stating that many productions had not deserved financial support.

One of the highlights of the festival was opening night. While career achievement winner Rutger Hauer was not in town to receive his award, he sent along a short film in which he rides a bicycle through Amsterdam with Dutch Culture Minister Ronald Plasterk as his passenger. The scene was a nod to the Dutch classic "Turkish Delight," the 1973 Paul Verhoeven film that made Hauer a star.

The 34th Dutch Film Festival winners are:

Best Film: "Love is All"
Best Director: Joram Lursen, "Love is All"
Best Actress: Anneke Blok, "Tiramisu"
Best Actor: Robert de Hoog, "Skin"
Best Screenplay: Jolein Jaarman and Jan Eilander, "Katia's Sister"
Best Supporting Actress: Olga Louzgina, "Katia's Sister"
Best Supporting Actor: Ton Kas, "Vox Populi"
Best Music: Michiel Borstlap, "Tiramisu"
Best Editing: Robert Jan Westdijk, "Real Life"
Best Camera: Menno Westendorp, "Real Life"
Best Documentary: Coco Schrijber, "Bloody Mondays and Strawberry Pies"
Critic's Award: "Calimucho," Eugenie Jansen