'Lucifer' Star Tom Ellis Says Show Can Push Boundaries More on New Netflix Home

The star joined The Hollywood Reporter to talk about the series, the new season and how his character is able to be more himself on Netflix.

Lucifer is back and for fans streaming the series on Netflix, it's time to sharpen your horns. 

The series was canceled by Fox and revived by Netflix, and series star Tom Ellis told The Hollywood Reporter during the latest episode of In Studio it was the fans who made it happen. "There are millions of you out there and the fact that you still come to me now and say I did this and I pulled for the show, I tweeted for the show, I can't thank you enough."

On the cancellation, Ellis recalls that it felt as though the series had been taken off the air during intermission. Says Ellis, "We've been playing this conceit out for three seasons and all of a sudden when Chloe (Lauren German) finally finds out he is the devil we want to know what happens then! In a weird way where we left the show that was a big reason why people were just like, 'You can't stop there. We've been watching that!'" 

And with its revival on the streaming giant, Ellis says it feels like his title character can be more himself. Says Ellis, "We weren't able to go far on Fox. We weren't able to push it too much. We weren't able to go vulgar. We weren't able to curse. We weren't able to show too much flesh. It was kind of safe, but a bit naughty for people. And that's part of the charm."

He added, "And that's the character of Lucifer himself. He's a bit cheeky, suggestive. Netflix were quite adamant about the show that they picked up, that's what they wanted. We don't want to change it for the detriment of anything just cause we can, but what we have done in certain areas is we've pushed it a little bit. Just to the point where I hope it'll make people laugh.

Among the slight shift is the humor on the show that is driven by nudity and new character arrivals, like Eve (Inbar Lavi) of the biblical Adam & Eve. Ellis says that showing more skin was a mission co-showrunner Joe Henderson always had on the show. "Mission accomplished quite early on as well!" he added. 

As for what fans can expect as the new episodes unravel, Ellis teases, "We've left the door open for season five for sure. Again, I don't feel that we finished telling our story."

Watch Ellis' full interview above where he talks about Lucifer's struggles in his relationship with Chloe, how season four ends and more.