Lucille Ball Remembered by Hollywood

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Actors, writers and comedians celebrate the “I Love Lucy” star’s 100th birthday.

Hollywood took to Twitter to remember Lucille Ball, whose centennial birthday was on Saturday, August 6.

The redhead actress, who is most well known for her starring role on I Love Lucy as the mischievous and gregarious housewife, is often remembered as one of the most creative and influential actresses of her time. Ball died in April 1989. She was 77.

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Today’s actors, comedians and TV writers expressed their praise and love for the actress on Twitter.

Actor Danny Devito, star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, wrote, “That woman could make me laugh! I know she loved Taxi, I met her once upon a time, I know she would love Sunny!”

Park and Recreation star Rob Lowe was asked by a fan if he ever got the meet Ball. “Backstage at the Oscars,” he responded.  “She loved fellow actors. A true Titan.”

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Kirstie Alley also expressed her love for the actress. “HAPPY 100th Birthday Lucille Ball! You are my idol and role model! I had the pleasure of playing Password with my hero.. One and ONLY...LUCY,” she tweeted.

“She was tough, smart, a brilliant comedian and a walking master class in comedy,” wrote Joan Rivers of Lucille Ball. She attended Lucy Fest, a celebration in Jamestown, NY, on Thursday.

Dancing with the StarsJulianne Hough credited Ball with helping to inspire women in the entertainment industry. “Happy 100th birthday to the woman that made us all laugh... And still does,” she wrote. “Miss Lucille Ball... Every woman's inspiration!”

Comedian Kristen Schaal wrote, “Lucille Ball definitely staged her death and is going to surprise us all before midnight tonight!”

“Happy 100th birthday, Lucille Ball. May the Queen of television comedy live on forever,” wrote TV producer Dan Schneider (iCarly, Victorious).

Actor Brent Spiner expressed his belief that Ball's legacy will continue to stand the test of time: “Today would've been Lucille Ball's 100th birthday. She'll still be funny in 200 years."