'Lucky' Magazine Officially Shuts Its Doors

Courtesy of Lucky Magazine
Lupita Nyong'o on the cover of 'Lucky' magazine

It seems its luck has run out.

As mentioned in Pret-a-Reporter's "Style Notes" on Wednesday, the former Conde Nast publication Lucky, most recently operating solely online as LuckyShops, has print its final text. The demise began last year when Conde Nast sold Lucky to BeachMint (also facing struggles of its own) in hopes of transitioning it into an e-commerce site where visitors could shop online. The company laid off the bulk of its employees and eventually ceased printing monthly issues. But the most highly publicized event was the departure of then-editor-in-chief Eva Chen, who's now head of fashion partnerships at Instagram.

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Lucky launched in 2000 and at its peak had a readership of over 1 million subscribers. The shopping-centric glossy even was named Advertising Age’s Magazine of the Year in 2003. Chen was hired to revive the magazine in 2013, and even Anna Wintour stepped in to give the publication a fresh new look, but it wasn’t enough to stop the swift decline in advertising sales.

According to Fashionista, Lucky Group CEO Josh Berman stated that “the Lucky Group continues to operate,” but its site last was updated on Oct. 30 and its last tweet sent out on Nov. 1. Add to that the reports that a big expected sale that was in the works did not go through and that the publication’s nine employees recently have been let go, and an official statement in the near future would not be a surprise.