Lucy Liu, Eva Longoria, Giuliana Rancic: Golden Globes Gowns That Make You Go 'Huh?' (Poll)

Liu Rancic Longoria - H 2012
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Liu Rancic Longoria - H 2012

It's a grand tradition: A-list talent with D-list ("D" for "disastrously unsuited for them and/or the occasion") dresses that vie to enter the Golden Globes' hall of shame.

Every year without fail, there are Golden Globes gowns that make you go "Huh?" Or even "WTF?"

It's become a time-honored tradition for actresses to go just a little too far when trying to stand out from the designer-clad fashionistas on the red carpet.

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Courtney Love's  slashed sheer gown (which could have been designed by Edward Scissorhands) worn to the 2000 Globes springs instantly to mind. So does Lara Flynn Boyle's pink ballerina tutu-much dress  -- designed by David Cardona -- and accessorized with pink ribbon-laced shoes at the  2003 Globes.

That was the same year that  Sharon Stone made the mistake of wearing a black leather dominatrix Versace. More recently, Mad Men star January Jones wore a very controversial red-fringed peekaboo Versace at the 2011 Globes. 

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This year, there were three frocks that fashion critics heralded as vying for a spot on that WTF list. One was worn by Giuliana Rancic, E! red-carpet host: a padded-shoulder, sheer, black-and-gold getup (with a built-in choker) that drew comparisons to a saloon gal from 1960s Western series, Gunsmoke.

Then there was Elementary star Lucy Liu's ginormous gown by Alexander McQueen that was so wide, it sparked furniture comments like "Best Floral Print Sofa." 

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Desperate Housewives alum Eva Longoria clearly got more attention than she bargained for with her open-to-the-navel sheer black lace Pucci gown with a leg slit that came almost to her waist. She made Angelina Jolie's right leg, meme-spawning 2011 Oscar gown look tame by comparison. 

So we ask you: Which -- if any -- of these three gowns belongs in the Golden Globes hall of shame?