Lucy Liu: "I Don't Really Compare Myself" to Other Watsons

Elementary The Deductionist Lucy Liu - H 2013

Elementary The Deductionist Lucy Liu - H 2013

The 'Elementary' star believes Jude Law, who plays Watson in Guy Ritchie's movie series, and Martin Freeman from 'Sherlock' all bring something unique to the character.

With two major television adaptations and a successful movie franchise, it seems people can't enough of Sherlock Holmes and his faithful sidekick John Watson.

The BBC's Sherlock, CBS's Elementary and Guy Ritchie's movie series have all proved big successes in their own ways, but the three adaptations have inevitably led to fans and critics alike comparing the three. 

Lucy Liu, who plays Watson in Elementary, believes comparison among her and Sherlock's Martin Freeman and the movie series' Jude Law is pointless, as all the actors bring something unique to the role. "I don't really compare myself in that sense because there are so many brilliant actors doing their job. I think everyone is so unique, so you don't really have to go out of your way to do something drastically different," said Liu in an interview with Radio Times

She added: "Everyone appreciates the different iterations of the actual story of Sherlock and Watson and also the characters too. I think that's why the literature's used so much — because there's so much color in all the characters and their dynamic together."

Liu also addressed the prospects of her Watson becoming romantically involved with Jonny Lee Miller's Holmes, something that isn't explicitly hinted at in the show but hasn't stopped fans from speculating. "I think they're curious about what's going to happen with our relationship," said Liu, "and I've confirmed many times that it's not meant to happen. That's not what our executive producer wants either. I think it's something he wants to stay true to in the original literature."

Liu also gave her opinion on the prospects of a female Sherlock. "I haven't really given much thought to it. I think in general there are a lot more female roles now than there have been in the past and especially more so on television, and that's why a lot of people are drawn to doing television right now." But… "I would like to see more female roles out there overall."