Lukas Haas on the Social Commentary of Steve McQueen's 'Widows'

"It's amazing he's decided to make a whole film and really use that film as a platform. I don't think many directors would do that," Haas told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio.

Lukas Haas is now starring in the second of two consecutive films by Academy Award-winning directors: Damien Chazelle and Steve McQueen. While the roles couldn’t be more different – he portrays astronaut Michael Collins in First Man and a real estate executive/sugar daddy in Widows – he explained to The Hollywood Reporter In Studio the similarities he encountered between the two directors.

“One thing that was common between them is their gentleness. They’re both very warm and giving. They’re very generous in the way that they direct,” he said.

Haas added, “One thing that Steve was really lovely with, he would tell me, ‘Lukas you’re great. Just keep doing it.’ He would really build me up, my confidence. He flattered me quite a lot, which in that situation was really nice because it made me feel very comfortable, and I think he felt that maybe I was nervous. But he was incredibly giving, and same with Damien.”

Haas compared working with the two directors to “being hugged while you’re making the film. They’re there and they’re there with you, so that’s a nice thing.”

The actor also spoke about McQueen setting Widows in present-day Chicago to create social commentary around the action film, something that “takes some cahones.” 

“What he’s doing in that way is completely genuine, and I’m actually proud of him. I don’t know Steve that well, but he’s a really lovable person, and he’s obviously had a big effect on my life, doing this film together.”

Haas continued, “It’s amazing he’s decided to make a whole film and really use that film as a platform. I don’t think many directors would do that. Most people want to just have a successful film or make a lot at the box office.”

Watch the video above to hear Haas discuss meeting the real Michael Collins, how he landed roles in First Man and Widows back-to-back and more.