Luke Rhinehart novels bound for big screen

Andrew Bonner-Walter set to produce 'Naked,' 'Dice Man'

LONDON -- Producer Andrew Bonner-Walter is rolling the dice on plans to turn Luke Rhinehart's "Naked Before the World" and "The Search for the Dice Man" into big-screen entertainment.

Bonner-Walter is to produce "Naked" from Rhinehart's adaptation of his novel, directed by Neil Corbould under the U.K. banner A Random Production.

The project from Rhinehart, cult author of "The Dice Man," marks Corbould's directorial debut after establishing himself as a visual effects specialist.

The project is set to begin shooting in February in the U.K. and on location in Mallorca.

Rhinehart penned "Naked" in Mallorca, and the movie script is billed as a comic opera set in the late 1960s.

"Naked" aims to bring to life the culture of the "hippies" versus "the establishment" and details a funny love story involving an innocent Yorkshire lass and the hippest of hippies. Casting is under way.

The $8 million-budgeted project has backing from a mix of high net-worth individuals, an Enterprise Investment Scheme tax vehicle in the U.K. and three Spanish public film funding bodies. Bonner-Walter said he and fellow producer Kim Coe are negotiating with funders.

Random plans to follow up this first project with a film of "The Search for the Dice Man," Rhinehart's sequel to "The Dice Man," partnering with the author's production banner.

The British company also is negotiating with Rhinehart for film options on two of his other novels: "Whim" and "White Wind, Black Rider."

The movie adaptation rights to "The Dice Man" reside with Paramount.