Luxottica to produce prescription 3D glasses

To be tested with DreamWorks Animation Studios

ROME -- Italian eyewear giant Luxottica announced it would produce the world's first ever line of 3D glasses that can be made to fit individual eyeglass prescriptions, the Italian media reported Thursday.

The glasses, which will be released later this year under Luxottica's U.S.-based Oakley brand, will be tested in conjunction with DreamWorks Animation Studios. The product's worldwide launch will take place next year.

According to the company, the glasses will work on all 3D films and for 3D television programming, and can be made to carry the same prescription lenses a user's regular glasses use.

"The premium editions [of the glasses] will be the first 3D eyewear on earth with optically correct lenses," the company said.

No word yet on how much the custom glasses will cost.
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